Since 2002, ADDO Medical Supply has been providing people of South Florida with the lowest prices in medical equipment and supplies. Our trained staff, provides exceptional service and care to our customers. Our retail store is always stocked with a wide variety of orthotic supports, bathroom safety products, walkers, and wheelchairs. We carry thousands of unique products including compression stockings, urological supplies, orthotic braces, wound care and medical scrubs for men and women.

We accept Medicare, and can bill all private insurances on your behalf.


  • Incontinent supplies delivered to your door with privacy and respect.

  • Free Delivery Service

  • Rentals of Medical Equipment

  • Compression Garments

  • Mobility Specialists: Evaluation for Specialized Equipment

  • Repair Department: Factory Certified Technicians

  • Medical Billing Assistance

  • Scooter and Wheelchair Sales, Rental and Repairs